Varennes, July 6, 2023

Press Release

EVLO launches its first battery energy storage system project in the U.S.

EVLO Energy Storage Inc. (EVLO), a fully integrated battery energy storage systems and solutions provider and subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, is pleased to announce its first utility-scale storage project in the United States. The 3-MW/12-MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) project to be implemented in Troy, Vermont, within the Sheffield-Highgate Export Interface, will help further the integration of local renewable generation into the New England grid.

When generation is high, the EVLO BESS will store energy for later use during peak demand periods, thus helping to smooth out the intermittency of renewable power generation and delivering value to utility customers. The project will also provide data to the U.S. Department of Energy and Sandia National Laboratories to support studies on how batteries can be used to export the region’s energy.

“EVLO is proud to lend its decades-long experience and technical expertise in battery energy storage systems development and operations to this renewable integration project,” said Sonia St-Arnaud, President and CEO of EVLO. “Battery energy storage systems are a key means to transform the grid since they help reduce peak demand events and enable renewable energy generation. This project provides an exciting opportunity to demonstrate how they can benefit utility customers and New England’s energy system.”

The project includes a $2-million cost-share partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy through Sandia’s Electrical Energy Storage Demonstration Projects program. EVLO will deliver an end-to-end solution consisting of its EVLO 1000 units, power converter system platforms and leading-edge EVLOGIX energy management system. The BESS will be commissioned by the end of 2023, and EVLO will monitor and maintain the system for the next 20 years.

About EVLO Energy Storage Inc.
EVLO Energy Storage Inc. (EVLO) is a fully integrated battery energy storage systems and solutions provider and subsidiary of Hydro-Québec—North America’s largest renewable energy producer. EVLO’s utility-scale systems, control software, and commissioning, monitoring and system management services deliver superior performance, safety and reliability. EVLO’s world-class solutions are backed by decades of R&D, and its comprehensive services are led by a veteran team of industry experts passionate about partnering with customers to build a cleaner, more resilient energy future. To learn more: 


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