Montréal, August 19, 2020

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The Hilo Smart Home: Savings and Rewards

Hilo, Hydro-Québec’s subsidiary specializing in new energy services, is launching its smart home service. With Hilo’s smart energy offering it’s simple for Quebecers to optimize their electricity consumption and save on their bills, while getting cash rewards.

Tailored to the needs of individual households, Hilo lets customers use a mobile app to control a range of smart home devices in order to save time and improve their comfort. Customers can initially choose among a range of devices: thermostats, smart hub, bulbs, plugs, dimmers, lights switches, smoke detectors and weather stations. Other products will follow.

Profitable challenges that pay and energy savings

During some peak demand periods in winter, customers will be invited to take on Hilo challenges. The challenges will involve lowering the thermostat by a few degrees for short periods of time. Based on their level of participation, customers will receive $90 to $100 in cash rewards on average for the winter season.

As well, customers who live in single-family homes can look forward to annual energy savings of up to 15%, depending on how many challenges they participate in, their type of home, their energy use habits and the devices they replace.

Generous discounts on equipment purchases and a special launch offer

Hilo offers discounts of up to 20% off thermostats and up to 30% off other products. A smart hub ($140 value) and installation ($400 value) are free for customers who commit to taking on Hilo challenges.

In addition, as part of the special launch offer, the first 3,500 Hilo customers will receive a $100 discount.

A local initiative for a greener Québec

Hilo’s network of partners includes several Québec companies, such as Stelpro and Synapse. For instance, the thermostats included in its offer are developed by a joint venture between Hilo and Stelpro and manufactured in Shawinigan in a Stelpro Group plant.


“Not only will Hilo customers save money by limiting their electricity use to their actual needs—they’ll also take part in a community project with beneficial spinoffs for Québec as a whole.”

Sébastien Fournier, President and CEO of Hilo

“Hilo offers a wide range of advantages to customers, including cash rewards and support every step of the way. It’s designed by Quebecers, for Quebecers!”

Anik Roy Trudel, Vice President, Strategy, Sales and Marketing at Hilo

About Hilo

Hilo is a Hydro-Québec subsidiary whose mission is to develop innovative, value-added products and services designed to position Hydro-Québec as a major provider of new energy services. In addition to smart home offerings, Hilo will soon launch services to help companies reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs. Other products and services will gradually be deployed, including electric mobility offerings, smart energy storage and solar self-generation.

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