Montréal, October 12, 2016

Press Release

Publication of technical informationRFP for Forest Biomass Cogeneration in the Obedjiwan Community

Hydro-Québec will soon be issuing a request for proposals for the purchase of electricity produced by forest biomass cogeneration to power the Obedjiwan off-grid system. The RFP will be issued in partnership with the community.

“In keeping with our Strategic Plan 2016–2020, we want to progressively convert off-grid systems to more reliable, cleaner, less expensive energy sources that truly reflect the social context of the communities they serve,” said Hydro-Québec Distribution president, David Murray. “With this objective in mind, we will launch a request for proposals to bring biomass to Obedjiwan.”

Today, a new step was taken toward achieving this goal, with the publication of a document containing technical information concerning the Obedjiwan off-grid system. The main objective of this initiative is to inform potential bidders of characteristics of the Obedjiwan system, as well as its historical hourly load profile.

The document is available on Hydro-Québec Distribution’s Web site,


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