Montréal, November 6, 2023

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New dual-energy offer for commercial and institutional customers: Another step towards lowering greenhouse gas emissions

Today, Hydro-Québec and Énergir announced the launch of a new dual-energy offer for commercial and institutional customers that heat with natural gas. Stemming from the partnership between Hydro-Québec and Énergir to decarbonize the heating of buildings, this offer provides financial assistance to purchase and install efficient equipment, as well as financial support available under the ÉcoPerformance program offered by the Ministère de l'Environnement, de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques, de la Faune et des Parcs (MELCCFP).

A dual-energy offer for residential customers was introduced in June 2022, and the new offer for commercial and institutional customers announced today marks yet another step towards decarbonizing the heating of buildings.

Dual energy is one of the solutions that significantly contributes to the energy transition, making it possible to electrify the heating of a large proportion of buildings while better managing winter peaks. Commercial and institutional customers can learn more about this new offer by going to the Énergir and Hydro-Québec websites. Eligible businesses and organizations that opt for dual energy will also benefit from Hydro-Québec’s new small- and medium-power dual-energy rate for space heating.

Another step towards meeting the government’s GHG emissions reduction targets

In its 2030 Plan for a Green Economy (PGE), the Québec government stated its intent to reduce the GHG emissions from heating residential, commercial and institutional buildings by 50% below 1990 levels and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. To that end, in the 2030 PGE implementation plan, $266.6 million is earmarked for the adoption of dual energy in the targeted buildings. The MELCCFP is therefore offering financial assistance to businesses seeking to convert their heating systems. Financial support to decrease the additional costs of purchasing and installing dual-energy equipment compared to a conventional natural gas system is currently available to residential customers under the Chauffez vert program and to commercial and institutional customers under the ÉcoPerformance program.

Technology demonstration projects

In 2022, pilot projects carried out with institutional customers helped test available technologies and refine the offer. For example, the Centre multifonctionnel de Contrecœur is currently installing a dual-energy system that, in the very short term, should considerably reduce the building’s natural gas consumption and, by the same token, its GHG emissions, while avoiding additional pressure on the power grid during cold snaps.


  • Electrification of buildings that currently heat only with natural gas – The buildings will heat primarily with electricity, but will continue to use their natural gas system during periods of extreme cold. In addition, replacing standard natural gas with renewable natural gas (RNG) will enable customers to benefit from an energy solution that is 100% renewable.
  • A reduction of approximately 70% in the natural gas consumption for building heating by participating customers.
  • Readily available building decarbonization solution that will help meet government GHG emissions reduction targets.


“The building sector generates 9.6% of GHG emissions in Québec. That’s why our government announced investments of over $1 billion last May as part of the update of our 2030 Plan for a Green Economy in order to accelerate the decarbonization of this sector. Our government is committed to reducing Québec’s dependence on fossil fuels, while taking into account the electricity requirements to fight climate change. I would like to salute our partners, Hydro-Québec and Énergir, for their engagement in this project that will help us successfully carry out the energy transition.” – Benoit Charrette, Minister of the Environment, the Fight Against Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks and Minister Responsible for the Laurentides

“Dual energy makes it possible for Québec businesses to accelerate their decarbonization efforts while freeing up much-needed megawatts during peak periods. By joining forces, as we are today, we are optimizing the use of our electricity to create a green economy.” – Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy, Minister Responsible for Regional Economic Development, and Minister Responsible for the Metropolis and the Montréal Region

“Dual energy combining electricity and natural gas is a way to electrify the heating of buildings to the greatest extent possible, since using electricity at the right time helps us manage winter peaks effectively. In addition to our residential customers, our commercial and institutional customers can now benefit from it, too. By joining forces with Énergir, we aim to reduce natural gas consumption among participating customers by a little over 70% to help Québec reach the GHG emissions reduction targets set out in the 2030 Plan for a Green Economy.” – Geneviève Fournier, Vice President – Marketing and Customer Experience, Hydro-Québec.

“Dual energy is a simple, accessible and competitive solution that enables our customers to electrify most of their buildings while taking into account the realities and limits of Québec’s energy context. With this new offer, we are providing our customers in the commercial and institutional sectors with an essential solution that will make the greatest contribution to reducing the GHG emissions of buildings and help efficiently manage peak periods.” – Stéphanie Trudeau, Executive Vice President – Québec, Énergir


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