Montréal, April 20, 2023

Press Release

Exports to New England – A Maine jury greenlights New England Clean Energy Connect

Before a Superior Court of Maine, in Portland, a jury of nine people delivered a favorable verdict stating that, as applied to the New England Clean Energy Connect project (NECEC), the law passed in a November 2021 referendum is unconstitutional.  The jury found that Hydro-Québec’s partner in Maine, NECEC Transmission LLC, began construction work in good faith after obtaining the permits, and that the construction timeline was not created or accelerated for the sole aim of vesting rights in the months preceding the referendum.

Hydro-Québec and its partner in Maine, NECEC Transmission LLC, will collaborate to determine next steps

In August 2022, the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine agreed with the arguments presented by NECEC Transmission LLC regarding the unconstitutionality of the law resulting from the referendum. The Court had remanded the case to the trial court to determine whether the construction work in Maine had begun and continued in good faith based on the permits obtained.


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