Montréal, August 30, 2022

Press Release

New England Clean Energy Connect – The Supreme Court of Maine finds the November 2021 referendum unconstitutional

Maine’s Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the constitutional challenge presented by Hydro-Québec’s Maine partner: NECEC Transmission LLC. The Court is remanding the case back to the trial court to confirm the company’s vested rights in the project.

There is another, related case still pending before the Maine Supreme Court; it concerns the validity of a state lease obtained by NECEC Transmission LLC for the line to cross a mile of public land.

Hydro-Québec and its U.S. partner NECEC LLC are currently reviewing the Supreme Court’s decision in order to determine next steps and potential impacts to the transmission line’s construction calendar.

The New England Clean Energy Connect’s (NECEC) environmental and economic benefits were previously established by multiple federal and state regulatory agencies, which issued construction permits following a rigorous and independent process.

NECEC is the result of a regional collaborative effort designed to address the global climate challenge. The project remains part of Hydro-Québec’s long-term vision, as the company is committed to supporting the transition to a clean energy future, both within Québec and beyond its borders. 


Hydro-Québec Media Relations –
Lynn St-Laurent, Spokesperson
514 358-5218

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