Gatineau, June 2, 2022

Press Release

Spring runoff management: increase of the level of the Rivière Gatineau upstream of Chelsea generating station

The third flood peak on the Rivière Gatineau is slowly being absorbed and the inflow from the upper basin of the river is beginning to diminish.

As a result, Hydro-Québec will be ready to increase the level of the river upstream from Chelsea generating station in the coming days.  This level was dropped on May 21, 2022, to limit any flooding in the municipality of La Pêche (Wakefield sector).

Starting June 1, riverside residents upstream of the generating station will see the level of the Rivière Gatineau slowly rise. This rise will continue over the next few days, until the level reaches approximately 97 metres.  

Hydro-Québec is aware of the inconvenience caused by lowering the level of the river for local citizens in the municipalities of Chelsea, Cantley and La Pêche.   However, the goal of these measures was to limit the risk of flooding for all riverside residents.    

Hydro-Québec will maintain the level of this stretch of the Rivière Gatineau at approximately 97 metres during the summer months to allow the refurbishment work at Chelsea generating station to continue.

Citizens are invited to call the Info-project line at 1 800 465-1521, ext. 6022, if they have any questions.

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