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Agreement regarding harmonious relations between the Atikamekw Council of Wemotaci and Hydro-Québec

The Atikamekw Council of Wemotaci (CAW) and Hydro-Québec are proud to announce the signature of a master agreement that paves the way for harmonious relations that are mutually beneficial and based on dialogue, transparency and mutual respect.

This agreement marks the beginning of structured discussions that could lead to one or more agreements on matters of common interest. These discussions will address not only economic spinoffs such as contract opportunities, but also job opportunities and training initiatives for community members.

This key agreement creates the framework for a negotiation committee that will allow both parties to openly address issues they deem important. The discussions between the CAW and Hydro-Québec will address, in part, the potential benefits for the Atikamekw of Wemotaci with regard to Hydro-Québec’s activities in Nitaskinan, which the community considers its ancestral land.

The CAW and Hydro-Québec will also discuss the concerns the Atikamekw of Wemotaci have regarding the Hydro-Québec equipment on their territory. Finally, the parties will address Hydro-Québec’s upcoming projects that are of interest to the Atikamekw of Wemotaci, particularly with a view to setting up tailored information and consultation processes and identifying appropriate economic, environmental, social or cultural measures associated with the projects.



“Given that Hydro-Québec owns major facilities and has been carrying out activities for several years on our ancestral land, it was in our mutual interest to work together in a spirit of respect and trust. It is our sincere hope that the signature of a master agreement outlining the creation of a negotiation process represents the first step toward a stronger relationship with Hydro-Québec, a deeper understanding and eventually, mutually acceptable agreements. Through this new relationship with Hydro-Québec, positive spinoffs at several levels will be possible for all members of Wemotaci.”   

Chief François Néashit, the Atikamekw Council of Wemotaci


“I believe that the discussions we are initiating today with the Atikamekw of Wemotaci will allow us to grow together. We want to build bridges with First Nations and the concrete action we take can support community development. This master agreement between Hydro-Québec and Wemotaci is promising and represents another step in the right direction.”

Sophie Brochu, president and CEO of Hydro-Québec



The Atikamekw Council of Wemotaci and Hydro-Québec

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