Montréal, July 9, 2021

Press Release

Definitive shutdown of Saint-Narcisse generating station in the Mauricie region

Hydro-Québec has decided to permanently cease power generating activities at Saint-Narcisse generating station—located on Rivière Batiscan in the Mauricie region—and to dismantle the dam. The work will begin in the coming year and will take six years to complete.

Hydro-Québec halted operations at Saint-Narcisse in 2018 after extensive damage was discovered. “According to our estimates, it would cost about $180 million to repair the facility, whose installed capacity is limited to 15 megawatts,” explained Roger Gosselin, Senior Director – Planning, Strategies and Expertise, Groupe – Innovation, production, santé, sécurité et environnement at Hydro-Québec.

“By comparison, the cost of decommissioning the generating station and restoring the site to its natural state should amount to some $30 million. It therefore makes sense to cease production at the facility and return the river to its original bed,” continued Mr. Gosselin.

Some of the buildings, which have historical value, will be preserved. Discussions are underway with the community to determine how make the best use of the site.


Francis Labbé


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