Montréal, June 4, 2020

Press Release

Hydro-Québec Distribution presents its 2019 results and activities to the Régie de l’énergie

Following the adoption of An Act to simplify the process for establishing electricity distribution rates, Hydro-Québec sends the Régie de l’énergie information related to its electricity distribution activities on an annual basis. Before doing so, the company invites the public to review the information and share any observations. The documents presented include information about service quality, performance with respect to customer service and investments in the distribution system.


  • The lowest residential rates in North America
    On April 1, 2019, Hydro-Québec’s residential rates were still the lowest in North America. In fact, people in Québec still pay about half the price consumers pay in Toronto, and only a quarter of what people pay in New York.
  • Almost 20% fewer complaints
    Hydro-Québec recorded 509 fewer complaints than in 2018, which represents a decrease of almost 20%. This is due to the ongoing improvement of our customer services and the proactive approach we have adopted in communicating with our customers.
  • Customers have increased their use of digital channels
    Hydro-Québec continues to adapt its communication channels according to customer preferences. As a result, the use of digital channels increased significantly with more than 165,000 conversations on Facebook, Twitter and via chat, which represents a 51% increase compared with 2018.

Anyone who wishes to consult the information about Hydro-Québec’s distribution activities for 2019 and share observations or provide complementary information can do so by June 18, 2020, on the dedicated website.



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