Montréal, April 3, 2020

Press Release

Work completed at the Chute-Bell generating facility

Hydro-Québec has finished the work to increase the discharge capacity of the Chute-Bell structures located in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge. This extensive work was completed on schedule and on budget. The facility is now in a position to easily handle 2019 spring flooding levels and area residents will not need to leave their homes.

“We were able to complete the work quickly in the generating station by extending our working hours during the week and on weekends,” noted Project Manager Marc-André Lefebvre. “Our intensive work schedule allowed us to save time and then focus on the work on the weir.”

“By modifying the two turbines in the generating station, we were able to temporarily lower the level of the river and subsequently remove the weir’s inflatable crest. We were able to do a lot of the work above the waterline, which is safer for our workers,” added Cristian Dobre, the engineer responsible for the work at Chute-Bell generating station.

By building a flow channel on the western shore, solidifying part of the weir and removing the inflatable crest, our installation can now deal with a historic spring flood such as that experienced in spring 2019.

Next steps

Hydro-Québec finished removing its equipment on Friday, March 13, and began repairing the roads in the area. The access roads will be inspected following the spring thaw. Spot repairs will be carried out as needed.

“We are proud to have completed the work in much less time than anticipated, and without exceeding the initial budget. The facilities are ready for the next spring flood,” concluded Roger Gosselin, Vice President – Planning, Strategies and Expertise at Hydro-Québec Production.

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