Montréal, February 24, 2020

Press Release

Hydro-Québec finds the conduct exposed by TVA unacceptable and takes swift action

Hydro-Québec finds the conduct exposed by TVA and the Journal de Montréal to be unacceptable. Early this morning, we contacted UPAC. We will work with them to ensure that any individuals involved in misconduct face appropriate consequences.

The employee in the news report has been suspended without pay, and an investigation is under way.

Hydro-Québec is committed to fighting corruption and applies a strict zero tolerance policy. Our process for awarding contracts and procuring goods and services is thorough and rigorous.

However, we are not immune to employee or supplier wrongdoing. There is always a chance that ill-intentioned individuals will attempt to break the rules. 

That’s why we ask our employees and the general public to report any situation of concern by calling our confidential line, 1 866-ETHIQUE.

For information:

514 289-5005

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