Montréal, November 3, 2019

Press Release

Hydro-Québec provides an update on the outages

Thanks to the thousand or so workers in the field, Hydro-Québec has restored service to 840,000 customers since Friday, 85% of those affected.

At the height of the event, on Friday at 3 p.m. about 990,000 customers were without power. At 11 a.m. on Sunday, that number fell below 150,000.

The main regions affected are the following:

  • Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec: 38,000 customers
  • Chaudière-Appalaches: 23,000 customers
  • Montérégie: 22,000 customers
  • Laurentides: 20,000 customers
  • Estrie: 20,000 customers
  • Québec: 10,000 customers

Hydro-Québec wishes to thank Quebecers for their patience and understanding. We appreciate that the situation is difficult and want to assure you that we are doing all that we can to restore service as quickly as possible.

Work in the field remains challenging after three days. There are still 3 700 sites where we must carry out work. Certain sites are located in remote areas, and repairs, which can be lengthy, may only restore service to a small number of customers.

In some areas, complete sections of the power system must be rebuilt. In others, transformers and poles must be replaced. This means that equipment must be prepared and shipped from all over Québec.

Important safety information

For public safety, it is crucial that people not approach power lines. Professionals are in the field right now to restore service.

We ask that motorists exercise caution near our worksites. We have been informed of vehicles driving very quickly in close proximity to our employees as they work.

Also, customers must absolutely not use outdoor equipment and devices inside. Fuel-burning heaters, lights, generators or portable stoves designed for outdoor use can cause asphyxiation or poisoning if used inside. 

Finally, we also call for the utmost vigilance with regard to food poisoning. Most home insurance includes coverage for food stored in the freezer.



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