Montréal, July 19, 2019

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Be careful of power lines when doing any outdoor work

Following a tragic electrocution this week in Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon in the Lanaudière region, Hydro-Québec would like to share this important safety reminder about checking for power lines before doing any outdoor work.

Power lines are part of our environment, so it can be easy to forget they’re there. Remember the most basic safety rule: don’t let anyone or anything get near power lines. Be especially aware of the danger when working at heights and using long or tall equipment.

Here’s what you should always do before climbing up somewhere or using long or tall equipment (ladder, long-handled skimmer, etc.)

1. Look for power lines nearby.

2. Keep everyone and everything at least 3 m away from a medium-voltage line.

3. Be sure that nothing touches the low-voltage lines (including the lines connected to the service entrance of your home). Even though they’re insulated, the sheathing may be cracked or damaged.

Identifying dangerous lines

Never go near medium-voltage lines. These lines are located at the top of poles and are often confused with surge arresters. They are thin metal wires without an insulated sheath. They are mounted on insulators, which look like small porcelain bowls. These unsheathed lines may look harmless, but they are extremely dangerous!

Just below the medium-voltage lines are the low-voltage lines. These are the lines that connect houses to the power system. The term “low-voltage lines” may make it sound like they aren’t dangerous, but they are! They can transmit hundreds of amperes, enough to cause serious injury.

Below the low-voltage lines are large cables covered with a black insulating sheath. These are telecommunications lines, used for telephone and cable service. They do not belong to Hydro-Québec and are not an electrical hazard, but never let anything touch them.

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