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Montréal, January 28, 2016

Press Release

Bringing clean energy solutions to New England: Hydro-Québec to participate in Three-State Clean Energy RFP

Today Hydro-Québec moved one step closer to contributing tailored solutions to New England’s unique energy needs. Increased deliveries of hydropower are being offered through the Clean Energy Request for Proposals (RFP) launched in 2015 by Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This offer, designed to respond to the specific issues facing the six-state power system, presents New England with an unmatched opportunity to begin its transition to a clean and diversified energy future of significant scale and longevity.

Hydro-Québec has been New England’s partner in energy for decades. As the largest renewable energy generator in North America, and New England’s direct neighbor, more can be done to supply energy and help the region meet its clean and renewable energy goals at a reasonable cost. We welcome the chance to increase our energy trade with New England through the competitive solicitation process underway within the framework of the Clean Energy RFP.

Moving the Northern Pass Transmission project towards construction

Through the Northern Pass Transmission Project, which is being bid into the Clean Energy RFP by our partner Eversource Energy, Hydro Quebec will deliver a significant quantity of clean energy into the New England Power Pool for decades to come. This new transmission line will be built by Eversource Energy for the New Hampshire portion and Hydro-Québec for the portion in Québec.

Once constructed, this line will be a major intertie between the Québec and New England grids, second only to Phase II, which has been delivering significant amounts of energy into New England since the 1980s. NPT will guarantee deliveries of 100% hydropower over the new line during both summer and winter peak periods and when New England needs the power most throughout the year. In this way, Hydro-Québec’s energy supply contributes to regional reliability, economic and clean energy goals. For more information on the Northern Pass Bid, see the press release and background document.

Reliable, flexible hydropower is a part of the solution to climate change goals

Hydro Quebec also offers energy supply to supplement wind generation to be delivered into New England over the Vermont Green Line, a transmission project being developed by Anbaric and National Grid. This proposal assists the region with its clean and renewable energy requirements. See the Vermont Green Line press release for more information.

To meet New England’s goals, many sources of renewable energy and multiple projects are needed. Hydropower is a part of the solution: a source of clean, reliable base load energy, hydropower is also a flexible and controllable source of energy that can facilitate the development of intermittent renewable resources.


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