Montréal, January 15, 2016

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During peak periodsThe TCE facility in Bécancour will meet Québec’s demand for power at an affordable price

While it is true that Hydro-Québec has substantial quantities of electricity to meet Québec’s energy needs, it is important to note that the province’s power demand will increase considerably in the coming years. Over the next eight years, an increase of 2,400 MW is expected, which represents 6.3% compared with current needs.

The difference between power and energy is described below:

Hydro-Québec must respond to these increased power demand during peak periods. The solutions considered include using the TCE facility in Bécancour for 100 to 300 hours each winter, which will enable us to acquire the capacity necessary to meet power demand at approximately half the cost of building a new facility. Using the generating station will also mean it won’t be necessary to import often expensive energy from neighboring markets during peak periods.

This will allow Hydro-Québec to capitalize on an asset located close to major load centres, with the objective of limiting electricity rate increases for our customers.

It was originally expected that the TCE facility would meet significant energy needs. However, as of 2007, an unforeseeable global economic crisis had a direct impact on electricity demand on the Québec market. At the same time, various electricity supply contracts involving blocks of renewable energy and set by the various governments progressively came into effect.

Interrupting the deliveries from the generating station was therefore the best decision for Hydro-Québec customers. The Régie de l’énergie has recognized that fact in several of its rulings.

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Marc-Antoine Pouliot

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