Saint-Jérôme, August 27, 2015

Press Release

Supplying electricity to the Laurentides regionHydro-Québec is moving forward with the route that minimizes impacts on the population and the environment

Hydro-Québec has completed the route study proposed by Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard last June, for the portion of the line that crosses the municipality. It is the twelfth route variant studied under the Grand Brûlé-Saint-Sauveur project. This project is essential since the region’s electricity needs have increased considerably and the power system has reached its capacity.

In recent weeks, the proposal made by the municipality of Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard was rigorously studied in order to measure the effects on the landscape and the environment, both human and natural.

The proposed variant moved the route northward. Although this option moves away from the centre of Saint-Adolphe, it crosses and runs along more densely populated sectors. The route proposed by the municipality would:

• Significantly increase the number of homes close to the line

-20 homes would be less than 200 m from the line, rather than 7 with the selected route
-123 homes would be less than 500 m from the line, rather than 69 with the selected route

• Have a greater impact on the landscape

-In Saint-Agathe: in the sectors of Pauvre, Azur and Carré lakes
-In Saint-Adolphe d’Howard: in the sectors of Bruyère, Baguette, Rocher, Travers, Boudrias and Borne lakes

• Require additional clearing of 4.6 hectares

The route selected by Hydro-Québec remains the most advantageous because it affects less private properties and crosses less densely populated sectors. It is also further from the recreational lakes in Sainte-Agathe and Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard.

Map of the two line routes

The selected line route is the result of a close collaboration with the community

Over the past three years, Hydro-Québec held numerous technical and environmental studies as well as a comprehensive public participation process that consisted of more than 95 meetings. The information gathered helped improve the project in many ways:

• Existing line corridors were used over more than 55% of the route’s length.
• A new shorter and more compact type of tower was developed specifically for this project.
• The width of the new corridors was reduced, thereby minimizing the requisite clearing work.
• The line’s visual impact was reduced.
• The line route was modified at several locations, particularly in order to move it further away from sensitive areas.

An essential project

The 120-kV Grand-Brûlé–Saint-Sauveur Supply Line must be built as soon as possible since the regional power transmission system has reached its limit: many substations and lines that supply the region are operating at full capacity.
In order to fulfill its obligation to supply customers and meet growing demand, Hydro-Québec must secure electricity supply in the region. Commissioning of this line is required for 2018.
The Info-project line – Laurentides is available to the public for any questions: 1 800 465-1521, ext. 6022.


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