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Montréal, August 18, 2015

Press Release

New interconnection between Québec and New England: another step forward in project development

Hydro-Québec acknowledges that the changes announced today by its US partner, Northern Pass Transmission (NPT), concerning the New Hampshire portion of the project, constitute a step forward in project development. This announcement is part of a series of activities underway on this project, which will prove mutually beneficial to New England and Québec by increasing the integration and reliability of the two networks.

The project will help New England address several key energy challenges by enabling delivery of a new source of clean, low-carbon electricity. Furthermore, Québec hydropower:

  • diversifies energy supply in a region where close to 45% of electricity is generated using natural gas.
  • is a source of reliable energy that will suppress wholesale prices throughout the region thanks to its stable operating costs.
  • provides great operational flexibility. Reservoir generating stations have a large storage capacity and can be started up in just a few minutes to respond to variations in electricity demand. 

For Hydro-Québec, electricity sales to neighboring markets are an interesting source of revenue and have a positive effect on the company's financial results.

It is worth noting that these changes have no impact on the line routes under study for the Québec portion of the line. Furthermore, the Québec–New Hampshire border crossing point will remain the same.

Public consultations in Québec will continue in September 2015. At that time, Hydro-Québec will present the selected line route. Meetings held with the host communities for this project have enabled the company to understand the public’s concerns and optimize possible line routes within the project study zone, which runs from Des Cantons substation in Val-Joli, Estrie, to the US border.

For more information on the project in Québec

To learn more about the changes proposed by NPT


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