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Montréal, May 20, 2015

Press Release

Low-income householdsBroader eligibility criteria for the refrigerator replacement program

Hydro-Québec would like to inform its customers that it has broadened the eligibility requirements of the Refrigerator Replacement for Low-Income Households program.

These changes will enable more low-income households to replace their old fridge for $75, $95 or $120, depending on the size of the appliance.

Through the program, low-income households can replace their old refrigerator with a new high-efficiency model that will help lower their energy bill. An old fridge can guzzle up to five times more electricity than a new ENERGY STAR® qualified model.

The table below details the new program criteria.

Number of occupants in household

Maximum income before taxes – Line 150 of notice of Assessment (Canada)
















Seven months left to get a new refrigerator at a low cost

Hydro-Québec would like to remind low-income households that they have only seven more months to replace their old fridge.

Until the end of December 2015, low-income households can replace their current fridge—if it was built before 2001 and is running—with a new highly-efficient ENERGY STAR® certified model.

To take advantage of the program or obtain more information, call 1 877 222 0809 or go to


Marc-Antoine Pouliot
514 289-5005

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