Montréal, May 12, 2015

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Regulation Clearance between Propane Tank and Next-Generation Meter: Hydro-Québec Releases Survey Data

Close to 15% of all installations have been checked so far

Hydro-Québec reports on progress in its survey of electricity meter installations and inspections of clearance between stationary propane tanks and meters and will publish the data on its Web site.

So far, close to 15% of installations have been inspected and more than 96% of them either have the regulation clearance or have no propane tank on their property.

The RBQ is of the opinion that a next-generation meter should be located at least three metres from a stationary propane tank. Hydro-Québec employees are currently making the rounds of customers who have outdoor meters to make sure that there is enough clearance. Remote service interruption is totally safe for the close to a million customers who have their meters indoors.

Hydro-Québec would like to reassure its customers. Only one of the new meter’s functions—remote service interruption—is in question. Although the risk has not been confirmed, Hydro-Québec is eliminating any potential risk by deactivating this function.

Hydro-Québec recently sent out a notice to all installers, reminding them not to replace any electricity meter if the installation is not up to code. Gas suppliers also have a responsibility to install propane tanks at the regulation distance where the meter location is known.

Within the next few days, Hydro-Québec will start to perform tests at its research centre with representatives of CRIQ (Québec’s industrial research centre) in attendance to determine the risk of using the remote service interruption function near a gas leak. Once the tests have been completed, discussions will be held with the RBQ and AQP to decide what to do next and, as needed, to amend the standards on the basis of the knowledge acquired.

To find out more, customers may visit or call 1 877 234-6548, ext. 8444 , to talk to one of our representatives.

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