Montreal, June 5, 2024

Press Release

Hilo Fully Integrated into Hydro-Québec

Hydro-Québec is completing the integration of its subsidiary Hilo and its turnkey smart home solution in order to optimize energy efficiency initiatives and to ensure that the Hydro-Québec and Hilo mobile apps are complementary.

To maximize synergy, Hydro-Québec will be bringing its subsidiary’s activities in-house, namely the development of the Hilo platform and app and data analytics. Nearly one hundred employees will be transferred from the subsidiary to Hydro-Québec.

Note that since January 2023, only certain technological development activities were undertaken by the subsidiary. All other activities, including marketing, sales and customer service, had already been taken over by Hydro-Québec.


Hilo – A growing brand

During winter 2023-2024, Hilo exceeded its objectives by 10% for a second year running. There won’t be any changes for the subsidiary’s 40,000 customers: they can continue to let their smart devices do the work while collecting the rewards after challenges.


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