Shawinigan, November 8, 2012

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Hydro-Québec’s energy technologies laboratory: 25 years of innovation for more efficient use of energy

The energy technologies laboratory (LTE) in Shawinigan

Take a video glimpse behind the scenes at the LTE.

Inaugurated on November 6, 1987, in Shawinigan, the energy technologies laboratory, LTE, part of Hydro-Québec’s research institute, IREQ, is celebrating its 25-year rise to become Québec’s leader in technological innovation for the efficient use of energy, a position it intends to keep.

In the words of Michel Dostie, Manager – LTE and End-Use Technologies, “Our passion is to help Hydro-Québec customers make the best possible use of energy by developing new, top-performing technological approaches to meet their needs.”

Innovative projects and major achievements
Every year, the LTE team of researchers and technical staff work on some 100 research projects in a broad range of areas, such as energy efficiency, energy use optimization, renewable energy and ground transportation electrification.

With its leading-edge facilities and equipment, the LTE can also run tests to develop new technologies and to assess the performance of promising energy efficiency options.

One LTE achievement of note is its instrumental role in developing the Home Diagnostic, a free online tool that has become a benchmark for analyzing the energy consumption of residential customers and recommending ways of reducing it.

The LTE also helped confirm that the use of electronic thermostats can lead to savings of up to 10% in annual heating costs.

The LTE also provides support to commercial and industrial firms by testing or developing technologies that promote the optimal use of energy.

For instance, the LTE helped develop a process using high-frequency vacuum technology to dry lumber. Using this high-tech approach, the time needed to dry wood is far shorter, sometimes a few hours rather than a few days, and the dried wood is of higher quality.

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Video Point of View on the LTE

Michel Dostie, Manager and End-use Techologies shares his experience working at the LTE (in French only).

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