Montréal, June 11, 2020

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Rollout of 100-kW Fast-Charge Stations: The Electric Circuit Selects Québec Company AddEnergie

A Québec company, AddEnergie, has won the recent call for proposals to supply 100-kW fast-charge stations to the Electric Circuit, a Hydro-Québec subsidiary. Hydro-Québec and AddEnergie will sign an agreement with an initial two-year term for some 100 hundred kilowatt charging stations. Their installation will continue the accelerated development of fast charging following the January 2019 announcement regarding the deployment of 1,600 fast-charge stations over 10 years.

The bids received in response to the call for proposals were evaluated through a stringent process that took into account several criteria, including station robustness, price, user-friendliness and after-sales service. All proposed charging stations were put through rigorous climate testing at the Institut du véhicule innovant.

This is the fifth Electric Circuit call for proposals to be won by AddEnergie. Since 2013, AddEnergie has supplied nearly 2,500 public charging stations to the Electric Circuit. Thanks to the company’s technology, the Electric Circuit is one of the world’s most reliable charging networks.

Charging stations that are more powerful than ever

In the coming weeks, the Electric Circuit will start to roll out these new 100-kW charging stations to meet the needs of electric vehicle drivers and the arrival on the market of a growing number of electric vehicles able to charge at power levels exceeding 50 kW.


“It is always a great honor for AddEnergie to be chosen as an Electric Circuit supplier. Hydro-Québec is a demanding client with stringent standards. We are proud that our new 100-kW fast-charge stations were able to meet Hydro-Québec’s requirements, and we firmly intend to use this new collaboration with the Electric Circuit as a springboard to showcase Québec’s electric transportation expertise across North America.”

Louis Tremblay, President and Chief Executive Officer, AddEnergie

“We are very pleased to continue our collaboration with AddEnergie for the rollout of a new generation of Electric Circuit fast-charge stations. AddEnergie is a trusted partner that has developed high-quality charging stations.”

France Lampron, Director – Transportation Electrification, Hydro-Québec

About the Electric Circuit

The Electric Circuit is the largest public charging network in Québec. It consists of more than 2,500 public charging stations, including 305 fast-charge stations, in every region of the province. Electric Circuit users have access to a 24/7 telephone help line as well as a charging-station locator service. The Electric Circuit website,, and the Electric Circuit mobile app for iOS and Android are updated as new stations are commissioned. The Electric Circuit card also gives users access to the FLO network and New Brunswick’s eCharge network.

About AddEnergie

AddEnergie Technologies Inc. is a leading North American charging network operator for electric vehicles and a major provider of smart charging software and equipment. Since 2009, AddEnergie and its FLO network have supported 5.3M charging events and enabled the transfer of 48 GWh in electricity, thanks to 30,000 high-quality stations deployed on public networks, commercial and residential installations. AddEnergie’s headquarters and network operations centre are based in Quebec City, and its assembly plant is located in Shawinigan (Quebec). The company also has regional offices in Montreal (Quebec), Mississauga (Ontario), Vancouver (British Columbia) and Rochester (New York). For more information, visit


Louis-Olivier Batty
Hydro-Québec for the Electric Circuit
514 289-4214

Sylvain Bouffard
Director, Communications and Public Affairs
AddEnergie | FLO
418 480-5884

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