Montréal, April 22, 2019

Press Release

Champlain Hudson Power ExpressHydro-Québec welcomes Mayor de Blasio's commitment

Hydro-Québec is happy to pursue discussions with the City of New York regarding a 100% hydropower supply agreement via the Champlain Hudson Power Express Interconnection Project (CHPE). On Earth Day, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a series of measures to best address climate change, including his commitment to pursue a formal procurement in order to make the CHPE project a reality.

Hydro-Québec can contribute to the ongoing energy transition in the US Northeast by providing direct access to its vast reserves of clean, reliable and affordable energy. The CHPE intertie would bring approximately 8 terawatt hours of Quebec hydroelectricity to New York City, more than doubling the amount of low-carbon power in the city's energy supply. By displacing energy from local fossil fuel plants, New York City's greenhouse gas emissions would drop by about 5%.

The CHPE project involves the installation of a 335 mile underground and underwater direct current line between the Canada-US border and New York City.



Lynn St-Laurent
Press Officer
514 289-5005

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