Montréal, February 21, 2019

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New England Clean Energy ConnectHydro-Québec proposes a long term partnership with the State of Maine

In 2018, Hydro-Québec and Central Maine Power (CMP) was selected under a request for proposals to deliver 9.45 TWh of energy to Massachusetts. Since then both companies have continued to work on the New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) interconnection project to deliver the hydropower.

CMP presented today a series of measures to the Maine Public Utilities Commission including new initiatives to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions through increased electrification and to provide rate relief. Through this long-term commitment to Maine, Hydro-Québec is demonstrating support for its partner in an effort to ensure the success of this project, which will provide significant benefits to Québec, Maine and Massachusetts, as well as all of New England.

Hydro-Québec’s contributions, presented to the Public Utilities Commission, will benefit Maine citizens as a whole:

Measures to promote electrification

  • US$10 million to an Electrical Vehicle Fund
  • US$10 million in assistance to switching heating systems from oil to electricity

Internet access

  • US$10 million for rollout of optical fiber

Benefit sharing

  • Payment of US$3.5 million a year that the state will use to create a rate-relief fund for Maine customers


Recognized leaders and organizations give backing 

This series of measures was favorably received by a number of organizations  representing the interests of customers, industry groups and environmental associations, and which are taking part in the project review in Maine (the Governor’s Energy Office, the Maine Office of Public Advocate, Industrial Energy Consumer Group, Conservation Law Foundation, the Acadia Center, Western Mountains & Rivers Corporation,the City of Lewiston, the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers). The Public Utilities Commission will take that into account in its assessment for granting a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity.

NECEC: The biggest clean energy project in New England

This new interconnection will result in major financial benefits for Québec.  In turn, our deliveries of clean energy will make a significant contribution to New England’s decarbonization efforts, as they will cut greenhouse gas emissions in the region. They will also improve winter reliability and pricing challenges.

The NECEC is a transmission line that will connect the Hydro-Québec grid to the New England grid in Maine. In Québec, the project consists in building a new transmission line between Appalaches substation, near Thetford Mines, and a connection point on the Québec–Maine border. On the U.S. side, the infrastructure will be built from the connection point to the town of Lewiston. The transmission line will allow for the delivery of 9.45 TWh of clean energy – enough to power approximately one million homes in Massachusetts.

Québec timetable:

  • Draft-design studies: spring–summer 2018
  • Government approvals: summer 2019–winter 2021
  • Construction: spring 2021–fall 2022
  • Commissioning: fall 2022


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