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Montréal, January 22, 2019

Press Release

Hydro-Québec maximizes the social impact of its donations and sponsorships

Hydro-Québec has adopted a new policy to maximize the impact of its donations and sponsorships for all Quebecers. The previous policy was adopted ten years ago.

Hydro-Québec wants the activities carried out under the donations and sponsorships program to generate positive and sustainable changes in three areas: the environment, the economy and society as a whole. The donations and sponsorships budget will be maintained. “To maximize our impact, we wanted to focus on issues that build on Hydro-Québec’s strengths while meeting the needs of Québec society. That is why we chose to direct our contributions to projects that seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support the vitality of regions across Québec and alleviate poverty,” explained Élise Proulx, Vice President – Communications and Government Affairs.

Québec’s regions at the heart of the program

The funds will be shared equitably across Québec’s administrative regions. “Regional committees will make recommendations for their respective regions so that the allocation of financial resources reflects local realities,” added Élise Proulx. Hydro-Québec will continue to support culture since it remains central to the regions’ economic vitality.

This new policy is the result of a reflection and consultation process with stakeholders, including the general public.

For more information on Hydro-Québec’s donations and sponsorships, visit our website.


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