Montréal , October 9, 2018

Press Release

Advertising campaignAt Hydro-Québec, we love challenges. Bring ’em ON!

Hydro-Québec is launching the fourth and final installment of its ON corporate advertising campaign, which focuses on pride.

Against a backdrop of grandiose landscapes, the new video features Québec ultramarathoner Caroline Côté, who recently completed the électrON expedition, a daunting 2,000-km trek following the path of our electricity from Natashquan to Montréal in under 80 days.

“Over the years, Hydro-Québec employees have shown audacity and vision in developing a high-performance power system extending throughout Québec,” said Élise Proulx, Hydro-Québec’s Vice President – Communications and Government Affairs. “The fact that they met this huge challenge head-on by drawing on their know-how is a great source of pride.”

Our energy, our pride

The objective aimed by this campaign is to foster Quebecers’ pride in Hydro-Québec.

Hydro-Québec is investing $950,000 in this ad, which will run from October 8 to November 11. The budget covers production of a TV commercial and Web videos, as well as the purchase of advertising space in various Québec media and social media content.

Hydro-Québec would like to recognize the work of Québec ad agency lg2 and director François Méthé of the production company Les Enfants

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