Montreal, October 3, 2018

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For the third year running, Hydro-Québec will donate $3 to Centraide every time a customer signs up for Online Billing

Once again this year, Hydro-Québec is launching its campaign urging customers to sign up for Online Billing while supporting a good cause. From September 1st to December 6, 2018, each time a customer signs up for Online Billing, Hydro-Québec will donate $3 to the Centraide organization in their region.

“So far, approximately 38% of our customers have opted for Online Billing. We want to encourage more customers to adopt this simple, practical and environmentally-friendly solution,” noted Geneviève Fournier, Senior Director – Customer Experience, Sales and Customer Loyalty.

Online Billing: efficient and practical

In addition to using less paper, customers who opt for Online Billing benefit from the other advantages of this service, including an e-mail notification when bill is ready and being able to consult it at any time. They can also sign up to receive an e-mail reminder to make sure they don’t miss the payment deadline.

Contributing to a greener environmentAs of June 30, 2018, 1,300,000 of our customers had opted for Online Billing, which means more than 6.5 million fewer bills printed each year. Not only is less paper consumed, but the impacts associated with the transportation of these bills are eliminated.

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Amounts donated by Hydro-Québec to Centraide, thanks to customer participation:

  • 2016: $276,735
  • 2017: $276,378


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