Manawan, February 14, 2018

Press Release

Creation of a joint committee between Hydro-Québec and the Atikamekw community of Manawan

Hydro-Québec and the Atikamekw Council of Manawan are pleased to announce the creation of a joint committee to implement solutions for improving the electricity supply to the community in the Lanaudière region.

At the end of January, the Chief of the Manawan Atikamekw, Jean-Roch Ottawa, asked to meet with Éric Martel, President and CEO of Hydro-Québec. A fruitful meeting took place on February 9, and both parties agreed to set up a joint committee to ensure smooth communication and an effective coordination of the measures to be deployed in order to reduce the duration and frequency of outages.

“The frequent power outages in Manawan have a direct impact on the health and well-being of the members of our community, which is of great concern to us,” said the Chief of the Manawan Atikamekw, Jean-Roch Ottawa. “Our meeting was constructive and I am convinced that Mr. Martel understands the problem and the urgency of the situation. The establishment of a joint committee is a first step toward solving the problem and we will ensure that steps are taken quickly. I am confident that these words will be followed by actions.”

“We are sensitive to the situation in Manawan, and it is important for Hydro-Québec to establish a strong and dynamic dialogue with the community council,” said Éric Martel, President and CEO of Hydro-Québec. “Our first meeting was very positive and several solutions have already been presented to improve the quality of service to the community.”

Several improvements to the single line that supplies the Manawan community were undertaken in the summer of 2017, and major work is planned for mid-June this year. The joint committee will meet soon in order to efficiently coordinate the work and ensure it is carried out swiftly.

Other elements will be discussed in order to identify possible solutions to reduce delays  associated, in particular, with outage diagnosis, all while promoting the involvement of the those in charge of emergency measures in the community.


Louis-Olivier Batty
For Hydro-Québec
514 289-4214

Éric Duguay
For the Atikamekw Council of Manawan
514 843-2325

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