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Montréal, January 23, 2018

Press Release

A simplified bill for Hydro-Québec customers

Hydro-Québec is pleased to present its new residential bill, which reflects its ongoing commitment to keeping customer satisfaction a priority. The new streamlined, modernized and improved bill is just one more way Hydro-Québec is serving customers better.

To help customers better understand their electricity bill, Hydro-Québec has redesigned the layout. These changes, which do not affect the rates paid by customers, were made after a thorough survey of best practices and many consultations with customers and consumer associations.

 The improvements include: 

  • Streamlined presentation
  • Color-coded sections and easy-to-read typeface
  • 100% recycled paper
  • Essential information at a glance

“Our bill templates haven’t changed in over ten years,” said Éric Filion, Vice President – Customers. “They were due for an update.” Hydro-Québec hopes this new bill will reduce calls to customer services and boost customer satisfaction. In fact, 55% of calls from customers in 2015 were about billing.

 The new bill highlights important information for customers, such as:

  • Explanatory notes on the bill due date
  • A table comparing consumption with the previous year’s, including average temperatures
  • Consumption history
  • For customers signed up for the Equalized Payments Plan, the bill now provides a projection of the cost of consumption for the 12-month period compared to total payments, so that customers can make any necessary adjustments to their monthly installments.

 More information on the new bill is available:


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