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Montréal, June 2, 2017

Press Release

Hydro-Québec facilities: Free, fascinating discoveries throughout Québec!

This summer, recharge your batteries on free public tours of 14 Hydro-Québec facilities throughout the province. You’ll be dazzled by some beautiful locations and awestruck by impressive feats of Québec engineering explained by enthusiastic guides.


Fascinating discoveries

Learn more about how we generate electricity here in Québec and the technical exploits of our engineers. On the Côte-Nord, you’ll gaze in wonder at the immense Daniel-Johnson dam, whose imposing main arch could hold the Olympic Stadium. Up at Baie-James (James Bay), you’ll be blown away by the giant’s staircase, its every step the size of two football fields. Impressive isn’t the word!


Tours in the four corners of the province

Hydro-Québec is opening its doors all over the province. Each facility, with its unique design and location, makes a special contribution to Québec’s rich heritage. Understanding hydropower generation is a lot easier than you might think!


Learn how electricity is generated

Our guides are great at explaining scientific concepts clearly and simply to help you understand the basics of power generation. They’ll dispel myths about electricity and show you a generating unit in full operation. Another way to expand your scientific knowledge is by visiting The Électrium, Hydro-Québec’s interpretation centre.


For details of our summer programming and hours, go to (this link opens a new window) or call our toll-free number, 1-800-365-5229.

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