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Montréal, May 12, 2017

Press Release

Restoring power to electrical installations - Important safety message for flood victims

Hydro-Québec wants to inform flood victims of the steps to follow before restoring power to their homes. These steps are essential to the safety of those affected by flooding and their families.

  1. Flood victims must get in touch with Hydro-Québec to inform us of their situation. A dedicated line as been set up to so that we can guide them through the process (1 888 385-7252, option 1).

  2. Any electrical installation that has come into contact with the water (or for which service has been interrupted by Hydro-Québec) must be inspected by a master electrician before power is restored.

In no case should anyone who shut off the main switch on their distribution board themselves switch it back on before it has been inspected by a master electrician.

Electrical devices (outlets, switches, water heater, light fixtures, baseboard heaters, distribution board, thermostats, etc.) and any wires that have come into contact with water are all potentially dangerous.

Restoring power to electrical devices before a qualified expert has carried out the appropriate checks could lead to a major risk of electric shock or fire.  

Directory of master electricians accredited by the Corporation des maîtres électriciens du Québec:


Marc-Antoine Pouliot
514 289-5005

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