Montréal, April 12, 2017

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Hydro-Québec to evaluate possibilities for delivering more electricity into Northeast US markets

Today HQ will submit requests for the study of additional transmission interconnections with Maine and Vermont. New England has a growing need for a diverse and clean supply of electricity.  This need exists  today - and over the long term - as generating resources retire and the six states establish low carbon requirements for new sources of supply.  These conditions present a significant opportunity for greater integration of Quebec’s vast hydroelectric resources and the New England electric market. 

The most immediate opportunity for greater integration is with the state of  Massachusetts through a Request For Proposals seeking large quantities of clean energy – in particular hydroelectricity – that can be delivered in the 2020 timeframe.  In collaboration with its US partner, Eversource Energy, Hydro-Québec intends to submit the Northern Pass Transmission project into the Massachusetts RFP process, where it will compete with a range of other projects and project combinations.  NPT’s advanced stage and  comprehensive cost control measures make it a good fit with the technical requirements of the Massachusetts RFP. 

Beyond NPT, there are other possible options for increasing exports to New England.  Once the preliminary studies for Vermont and Maine have been completed, Hydro-Québec will further evaluate the merits of these options. If a project is launched, Hydro-Québec will keep all concerned parties informed and initiate the various public consultations as per our regular project development process. 

Increasing exports to New England is mutually beneficial.  It is a significant source of revenue for Hydro Quebec that can contribute to its commitment to double its revenue for the benefit of all Quebecers.  For New England, Hydro Quebec supply offers all of the attributes needed by the New England system  in a single resource: a low-carbon, reliable energy source, stably priced over the long term and able to complement intermittent sources of electricity. In a nutshell, an excellent energy source for New England customers.

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