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Montréal, March 28, 2017

Press Release

Advertising campaignHydro-Québec: Leading the energy revolution

With its new advertising campaign, Hydro-Québec continues to fulfil its commitment to explain its business better and show customers how its achievements pave the way to a future as prestigious as its past. 

“Since its creation in 1944, Hydro-Québec has always been recognized, both locally and internationally, as an ambassador of clean energy thanks to its innovations and technologies. Hydro-Québec is a source of collective wealth. We can be proud of our past and confident about our future,” said Éric Martel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hydro-Québec.

“We’re the Silicon Valley of clean energy”

Our new campaign ads explore two main themes: leading the energy revolution and transportation electrification. The ads highlight the fact that all Quebecers share in Hydro-Québec’s history of success. They also present the company’s role as a global reference in technological innovations in clean energy and transportation electrification.

Hydro-Québec is investing $1.7 million in this advertising campaign, which will run from March 28 to May 7, 2017. This budget includes the production of two TV commercials, online and print ads, as well as the purchase of ad space in various Québec media.

Hydro-Québec would like to applaud the work of Québec agency lg2 and François Méthé of production house Les Enfants.

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Louis-Olivier Batty
Press Officer
514 289-4214

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