Montréal, December 8, 2016

Press Release

Track daily electricity use with Consumption Profile

Consumption Profile tool

Just in time for our colder weather, Hydro-Québec is making the new Consumption Profile tool available to residential customers. Thanks to next-generation meters, this online tool tells you about your everyday use of electricity.

The Consumption Profile provides all kinds of information:

  • See daily, monthly and yearly electricity use.
  • Compare it with last year’s numbers.
  • Gain a better understanding of variations in electricity use due to regional temperatures.
  • Get tips on saving.

The Consumption Profile is available now if you’ve created your Customer Space on the Hydro-Québec Web site. This personal space includes many services, such as viewing and paying bills, entering into a payment arrangement and reporting a change of address.


Heating: 50% of your electricity bill

As winter approaches, Hydro-Québec would like to remind you that heating typically accounts for over 50% of your electricity bill. That makes it the biggest factor that you can change to lower your bill.

Here are some good ways to do that:

  • Turn down the temperature a few degrees at night or when you go out.
  • Don’t heat unused rooms.
  • Use electronic thermostats, which are very precise and keep the temperature where you want it to within a tenth of a degree.
  • Clean your heating devices—remove dust from baseboard heaters and hot air ducts.
  • Seal all openings in outside walls, such as those for electrical outlets, switches, pipes and ventilation ducts.



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