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Montréal, September 12, 2016

Press Release

David Murray appointed President of Hydro-Québec Distribution

Hydro-Québec announces the appointment of David Murray as President of Hydro-Québec Distribution. 

David Murray joined Hydro-Québec in 2015 as Vice President – Information and Communications Technologies. Thanks to his recognized leadership and management skills, he was able to work with his team to quickly reduce IT costs by 12%. In his new role, Mr. Murray will continue to pursue the objectives set out in the Strategic Plan, in particular the goal to become a leader in customer service, taking into account the progress made over the past few months. He will also ensure that the managers and employees in this major division enjoy greater autonomy so that they can become more efficient and engaged. Another part of his mandate will be to carry out the important energy transition for the company’s off-grid systems. His experience as a high-level manager, his knowledge of Hydro-Québec and his training in business administration all make him a natural fit for this new role. 

Mr. Murray will replace Daniel Richard, who is leaving the company after more than 35 years of service. Mr. Richard has left his mark on Hydro-Québec; he successfully carried out a number of major mandates, including Hydro-Québec’s transition to the new reality of the energy markets. 

Ms. Johanne Duhaime is appointed Vice President – Information and Communications Technologies. Ms. Duhaime is a determined and competent manager who was closely involved in the transformation of the business unit.

Mr. Murray and Ms. Duhaime will assume their new duties today, September 12, 2016.


Serge Abergel

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