Montréal, January 29, 2020

Hydro-Québec seeks to fully comply with Maine state ethics regulation

The Hydro-Québec Maine Partnership Ballot Question Committee (BQC) values the guidance provided by the Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Elections Practices in interpreting and applying the Commission’s rules. The BQC seeks to be fully compliant before the commission and any other regulatory agency. 

The Hydro-Québec Maine Partnership BQC was late in filing its initial campaign finance report, and will therefore pay the prescribed penalty determined by Commission staff under their rules. As this is its first time creating a BQC, Hydro-Québec was at that time unfamiliar with certain procedures.

The BQC is fully committed to timely reporting and considerable work has been done to track regulated activities in a manner that results in compliance. Since understanding the framework for registration and reporting to the Commission, the BQC has taken every measure to make sure that it is tracking and recording information in such a way that it can disclose information to the Commission in a timely manner and has, in fact, made timely, subsequent disclosures under the Commission’s rules.   

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