April 29, 2019

Hydro-Québec is taking measures to help its customers affected by the flooding

Hydro-Québec has announced a number of measures to make things simpler for customers who have been affected by this spring’s exceptionally severe floods.

A dedicated phone line is available to assist flood victims with any questions they may have for Hydro-Québec: 1 877 234-6548, code 8716.

Special arrangements will be offered to customers who may experience difficulty paying their bills in the coming months.

The system access charge will not be billed during periods when electrical service is interrupted. 

Hydro-Québec will not charge any fees to restore power once its customers’ electrical installations are safe.

We will not issue any bills to affected customers during the period when electrical service is interrupted or, at the customer’s request, for 30 days. Administration charges will be suspended for 30 days for any amounts owing.

These measures will automatically apply to the customers (residential and small- and medium-sized businesses) whose electrical service Hydro-Québec has interrupted in recent days due to safety concerns.

These measures also apply to residential customers and small- and medium-sized business customers who are affected by the flooding but whose electrical service has not been interrupted. We ask that these customers call Hydro-Québec to inform us of their situation at 1 877 234-6548, code 8716.

Cendrix Bouchard
514 289-4104

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